Why you'll love the Consola® Bra

No more cutting bra straps, no more tired shoulders, and no more chafing closures on your back: the Consola Insensible All-Day Bra is the most comfortable shapewear bra available. Myshapez has developed this unique Wonder Bra. The bra gives your breasts the best support and has a very comfortable fit that fits to your body. This Wonder Bra is Insensible, seamless and provides a beautiful, natural push-up effect. You can wear it easily under tight sweaters and it lets clothes fall smoothly along your body. Feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time because this shapewear bra instantly camouflages small irregularities on your back and under your arms. extremely comfortable natural fit excellent support for your breasts no visible lines no skin irritations

Perfect balance between comfort and control for 24/7 wear

Make all your outfits look 10X better

Stays in place for all-day secure fit

Created for women of every body type

Breathable and soft fabric