Shapewear: everything you need to know about wearing and washing your shapewear!

Shapewear: everything you need to know about wearing and washing your shapewear!

Shapewear is increasingly becoming the basis of an outfit. Dresses look better, tops and pants fit just a bit better. Shapewear is a must-have in every closet! But how do you make sure that these essential items of your wardrobe stay beautiful, even when you wear them often and have to wash them? We'll tell you more about how to keep shapewear looking good!


Change your shapewear!

Of course you like to wear shapewear, maybe even daily, and that is not a problem at all! Because of the special properties of the fabric it is a good idea to let the shapewear "recover" after a day of wearing it. The fabric will then recover and you will be able to enjoy your shapewear noticeably longer! Shapewear is ultimately a kind of underwear, and just like you obviously do not wear the same underwear two days in a row, it is also very logical to not wear the same shapewear two days in a row. Also corrective dresses should not be worn more than twice before putting them in the laundry.


Match your shapewear

If you have several sets of shapewear, like many of our customers, make sure you order the same design several times. That way, even if one of your tops is still in the wash, you can still wear a matching set. After all, you never know what the day will bring!


How do you wash shapewear?

Ofcourse you want to look clean, so you can wash our items as usual. Shapewear can be washed in the washing machine. It is wise to choose a 'gentle' wash cycle such as wool or silk. Do you want to keep your corrective tops, dresses and underwear beautiful even longer? Then wash them by hand or choose a handwash program on your washing machine. After hand washing, it is a good idea to rinse the clothes cold. This is good for the fabric.


Do you wash your shapewear with other clothing?

Then wash the items in laundry bags. This way they don't come into contact with the buttons or hooks of other garments and there is no risk of damage. Also make sure the washing drum is full. When machine washing, always choose a low temperature or cold wash program. Use a mild detergent and preferably no, or very little fabric softener. Perhaps needless to say, bleaching agents are also not a good combination with your beautiful shapewear. Don't have a mild detergent in the house? Baby shampoo works fine too! It is of course not convenient to put your corrective panties in the same laundry as your brand new red socks. Color by color!


Can shapewear go in the centrifuge?

Yes, you can spin your corrective items. If you choose a silk or wool program on your washing machine it will already spin less. Your laundry is then slightly more humid but not stretched. This way you keep everything beautiful.


Can my corrective underwear go in the dryer?

The answer to that is very short: No. Our items are made of very delicate fabric and cannot withstand high heat. Simply hang shapewear out over the clothesline, no need to wring it out, and let it air dry. Also, prefer not to use clothespins, this way you avoid possible damage to the clothing.

Your shapewear can go into the washing machine, although a hand wash from time to time is never a bad idea. Do you want to dry your corrective underwear? Do not dry in the dryer, but on a clothesline or rack. This will keep your shapewear in top condition!

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