7 tips to boost your confidence

7 tips to boost your confidence

7 tips to boost your confidence

You probably have moments when you doubt yourself. That's very human and everyone suffers from a little less self-confidence from time to time. Maybe you find it difficult to look in the mirror and others are always doing better in your eyes. Or maybe you often apologize or do not know how to deal with compliments. These are all signs of low self-esteem.

Do you want to be confident in life? To be comfortable in your own skin? And be happy with who you are? You can! There are many ways in which you can boost your self-confidence! Below we list seven tips for when you can use some extra self-confidence.


#1. Surround yourself with positivity

Try not to lose yourself in negativity. This can be negative thoughts that you get stuck in. But also people around you who only give you negative energy. Take a good look at the people who are close to you, both your friends and family. Are there people you like to be around and from whom you get positive energy? And in which interactions does your self-image suffer setbacks time and again? This is not an easy task. It may be that you have to say goodbye to a friendship that does not yield anything for you. But as soon as you surround yourself with people you feel comfortable with, this will boost your self-esteem considerably.


#2. Do not compare yourself with others

How often do you compare yourself to others? Do you ever look next to you at the gym and feel jealous of how someone else looks? Or do the lives of others on social media seem to be perfect? Comparing yourself to others is something we all do. But often this leads to unnecessary dissatisfaction. Therefore, put the focus on yourself. Compare yourself to yourself instead of your neighbor, friend or a stranger. Also, always keep in mind how far you have come. Your accomplishments are just as great as anyone else's.

#3. Dress your best

A very practical tip we want to give you is to wear clothes that you feel beautiful and comfortable in. Whether that's some loose clothing or a dress with heels, choose the clothes you like. With the right clothes you will automatically be more confident. After all, you feel good about what you are wearing and are satisfied with your choice.

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#4. Don't get stuck in the past

The past is not the same as the future. We often find it hard to see ourselves as we are now. It is then easier to think back to who we were last year or five years ago. You probably also have ideas about how you used to think of yourself or what you looked like back then.

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