How do you choose the right shapewear?

How do you choose the right shapewear?

How do you choose the right shapewear? We'll help you on your way!

Nowadays, more and more women are embracing their curves. This so-called body positivity movement is fortunately becoming more and more the norm. We all want to face the world with confidence, don't we?

One of the important drivers of this change is the developments in the field of shapewear. With new technologies and a modern approach, there is more and more corrective underwear available that women feel good in. Comfort comes first, so that every woman feels comfortable in every outfit.

But how do you choose the right shapewear? What can you pay attention to and what are the most important tips when ordering corrective underwear or shapewear? Of course you want your shapewear to fit your needs and preferably exceed your expectations.

At Myshapez we find it extremely important that you enjoy our products. These are our tips for buying suitable shapewear. And if you are not completely satisfied, please let us know. Our customer service will gladly answer your questions!


#1. Inform yourself well

You're obviously already doing that by reading this blog! We can advise you to first look around on our website. Look at the product information and learn about the possibilities. This way you will know exactly which options are available to you before you place your first order. Shapewear is actually very personal, so start looking for what suits you.


#2. Shapewear for every moment

When do you wear and when do you not wear corrective underwear? We have a simple answer to that: it's entirely up to you! In the past, shapewear was seen as exclusive to special occasions. But these garments are also very suitable for every day. For every situation, body type and outfit you can find suitable shapewear! Why shouldn't you be the best version of yourself every day?

#3. Define your goals

Are you looking for the right shapewear for that nice, tight dress? Or just for a slightly tighter figure in general? Whatever your goal is, it's important to think beforehand about when you will wear your shapewear. A corrective body is ideal for dresses or skirts, while a corrective pantyhose of course mainly affects your thighs. It just depends on what you are looking for.

#4. Choose the right size

A very important factor is of course that you choose the right size. The right size is essential: too small a size will not create the desired effect. You will feel squashed and uncomfortable. Therefore, use our size charts to see exactly which size fits you. Measure yourself so you know where you stand.

Are your measurements exactly between two sizes? Then choose the larger size for more comfort and the smaller size for more compression. And of course you can always contact us with questions about sizing.


#5. Above all, read the reviews

Many women have gone before you in their search for the perfect shapewear. Through the reviews on our website you can learn from them and base your choice on their experiences. Of course we would also like to hear your feedback! This way we can improve our products and services. Contact us and we will help you on your way in the world of corrective underwear. Because we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful!

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